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By Wina Silfanna - Kamis, Februari 28, 2019

So there's this ojiisan that later I found out he's an ahjussi 😆. We met him through work meeting and I still remember how he just talked in English when I greeted him in Indonesia language. I thought he was an Indonesian and we are in Medan so I never think about greeting someone in English here.

We talked for 3 hours, I think we talked about work-related just for 30-50 minutes, the rest was about a lot of things. As someone who loves art, he's quite sad because it's almost nothing to see here. I know that feel, I can even count with my fingers how many painting exhibition that I've been to since junior high. I don't know why but it seems like some art related things don't get much publication. So I told him about a place I used to go to get some information about art exhibition. Hope this helps.

What I like the most is how frankly he is. He speak about everything right from his head. He dare enough to talk about sensitive topics with us, well maybe it is just me thinking that some topics are sensitive, probably it is not.

We spoke about how some people taking a lot of advantages by acting like they care about the environment, how everything is a man-made, and how selfish a human being can be.

It was a nice talk.
Thank you

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