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By Wina Silfanna - Rabu, Agustus 21, 2019

it's been a month already but i'm still a bit sad about it. yet i am happy too knowing that i am going to watch Weathering with you. Who would thought the release date of the soundtrack would be the same day when that arson attack happened to Kyoto Animation?

That time i was really sad, it made me not in a good mood for a week. i felt like crying but i could not. Why it had to be KyoAni? it was Kyoto Animation office of all places. And the song: Is there still anything love can do? from RADWIMPS made me sad even more, the music, the lyrics. and i am not the only one, everyone was praying to KyoAni while listening to this song that time.

i really like KyoAni artwork, it's not like i like all of their anime, but i love and amazed but how beautiful they made it, the colors, the details, the expression, sometimes it looks like those characters have more emotion than me. I admit that i watched KyoAni anime ilegally (another anime too), that's why starting last year i bought the original DVD, the mangas, the books, etc. i am sorry.

i like KyoAni to the point that i want to go to Kyoto just to say thank you for the staff, i am very thankful for all their hardwork, it might just work for them, but for me, their anime helps me a lot. i even wanted to work as a cleaner there because i know it's kinda impossible to be their animator xD

i made a plan to go to Japan before, but i kept cancelling it saying to myself that i can do that later. Now it's too late, win.

someday, when i go to Kyoto, Kyoto Animation will be in a different place. But i will still go to the old office. Maybe there's nothing there, but i don't care

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