10th October, 2023

By Wina Silfanna - Selasa, Oktober 10, 2023

 This day, 10th October. What this day about reminding me about what i should've said to them. It's not like they'd ever seen this, but:

Being exist actually feels nice sometimes.

And thank you for that.

I never thought I'd come back, i thought that 5 1/2 months was the first and the last time. But i came back again for 3 weeks after 2 years, then again for 2 months.

It's not like we really talked on that 2 years' time. But on that 2 months we all got to know each other better.

"I'm being serious right now, Wina"

'it's... me... are you sure about that?'

"you worth it"

'for a hundred times... JUST GO HOME'

"hahahah it's all good"

There's a saying: time flies when you're having fun.

That 2 months also passed quickly, yet i can still see that part of the road when we talked more. We talked in the office till 2am. i can still hear the "HEY CHICKEN DINNER".

"it's not always rainbow and sunshine" but

you guys were on my side when things went south.

and that's more than enough.

Being exist actually feels nice sometimes.

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