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By Wina Silfanna - Jumat, Agustus 21, 2020

When was it again? i think it was around the end of December 2016, three of them were born.

Let's share a bit story about their mom. Probably on the same year, or maybe 2015? i forget but yeah, that was the time when their mom came to our house as a stray cat together with another cat. The mom had a black color and the other one has white and some orange color. They started to stay in our house after we kept feeding them and they got bigger. One day, the white-orange one looked unwell and she was a bit sick for a while. There was a time i got home and i didn't see her, i was upset when i found out that dad threw her somewhere just because she was sick. I tried to look for her for many days but i couldn't find her.

So the black one stayed. she got bigger and bigger. i still remember how small she was when she came to our house with the white-orange one. The mate season is coming and maybe for a cat she's already mature enough and yeah, she was a lready pregnant by the time we realized her belly was bigger than usual. I still don't really understand but i think she had miscarriage, then after some time she got pregnant again.

30/31 December 2016, she looked a bit unwell and like worried about something. She was circling around the same area. We afraid it might be the time for her for giving birth, so we tried to make some nice comfortable place for her. We tried to not looking at her too much to make her less nervous.

Suddenly one kitten laid next to her on the floor. Uh oh, i saw there was a part of the body that still connected to the mom. What should i do? the mom also looked confused as she suddenly started to walk dragging the kitten. i was freaked out and i messaged my friends that used to taking care of cats for a long time. While i was still panicking, my brother and dad left saying there was something that needed to do. Shit, don't leave me alone!

My friends told me to calm down but i couldn't. I've seen cats gave birth many times but that was the first time for me to see a cat gave birth for their first time. I put her in the box that we made before together with the kitten. i kept making sure everything was alright and kept reading what i needed to do at the time like this. Maybe an hour, or less, or more(?) i saw three kitten in the box.

I put the box in our storage room. I was afraid some male cat might come and eat those kitten. My friend told me to leave her for a while, so i just closed the room leaving her there took care her kitten. When i came back to the room, their body already dried, they were sooo small and weak with their eyes still closed.

Two weeks later, the mom was gone, dad said our next door neighbor threw her out somewhere because she always stole some chicken or fish that they were about to sell. Actually we always provided her food but i don't know, probably it was her instinct to hunt? i was quite upset, i tried to look for her but couldn't find her. Me and my sister kinda worried about keeping the kitten. They were still so small and might need a mom right now. I didn't know much about cat shelter a that time so we tried our best raising these three.

We gave them milk, carefully fed them, kept them in check, cleaned their shit and stayed in the room every time they cried for some attention xD

They got big enough so we let them around the house and went to the front yard sometimes. They shit everywhere and we started to throw the responsibility to cleaned their shit xD xD. We started teaching them to shit outside the house and gladly they understand after quite a time.

The first one was this black color male cat that looked totally like his mom, also quite an evil like his mom. The second one was a white-black color male cate, he was the cutest, my favorite one. The third one was this black with a few white part color female cat, she was cute but don't know why as she grew, her face started to look a bit dumb. But the rest of the family said she was so cute so whatever hahahah.

As they grew up, they started to show us how different every one of them in terms of personality. The first one was a really active cat, running around the house, quite clingy and so noisy and selfish when it comes about food. The second one was so unsocial, i think he's the most unsocial cat that i ever had so far. He liked to be alone, tho he was quite clingy sometimes and also playing around with his siblings. He was a true coward, put him 5 metres from the house and he'd run back, sometimes he sat around front yard together with the others and every time a big cat passed our house, he'd put his guard or he was just run back home xD. The third one still the dumbest one and she was more active than the second one.

We didn't really give them a name, we just called them whatever we felt like. I started called the first one "Setan" (it means evil) for how annoying he was. He broke my precious brand new headphone, it wasn't even half a day yet i owned it and i already need to throw it out. I was so angry at that time that i was so ready to hit him, but he knew me so well that he suddenly gone and came back the moment that i wasn't angry anymore. All i did at that time just gave him a light stroke and said "don't do that again, okay?"

Another reason to call him with that name was: every time he was hungry, he just didn't care about anything, he'd just jump on the table, or jump on us sometimes. He also liked suddenly grab our legs as we were walking, it made us scared and accidentally kicked him, then he'd be the one that angry.

One day, the second one got bitten by a big cat. it was quite deep. I tried to put some medicine on the wound. I read on some article about how cat will start isolate them self when they are about to die, and that second one, he started to hide inside the front part of the car. I needed to ask my dad to open that part every time i found him hiding there and then pulled him out. It made my arms and sometimes my face got dirty for the oil that quite hard to wash. But "no, asshole. i'm not gonna let you die" he must hate so much. I kept put the medicine until it finally started to dry. I was so glad when the hair started to grow again around the scar.

it was probably around the end of July 2017, Setan was a bit quiet. I was a bit busy with my blog and the plan about going to Australia. We just gave him some comfortable bed and more food. He was gotten worse that he didn't eat at all, looked so weak, and his voice sounded like he was in pain. Finally we brought him into the vet and after giving him an injection, they told us it was better to leave him with them at least until tomorrow.

Around two hours later, i got a text telling us to pick him up. He was dead. I told my sister then we went to the vet. On the way there, my sister was crying. 'is he really dead?' i wondered. We arrived and they brought us into the room, he was lying on the table with his eyes were still open. I touched him and closed his eyes, still a bit warm. They explained everything and all i could say was 'thank you for trying'

On the way home, my sister was still crying. i was thinking 'how many times has it been already? 11? I've lost count, I don't know anymore'

I asked my brother to help me finding a place to bury him. When i was in my room, i was thinking 'where should we bury him?' '...i'm gonna bury him for real' 'so he is really dead huh'

Suddenly the tears just... 'eh? why...' then i cried. Suddenly i felt so sad and hurt. I forget how long i cried.

It was the first them i cried like that over a dead pet. Maybe because it was the first time for me taking care of cats since the very first day they were born, we've been taking care of their mom since she was still a small stray cat.

We all agreed that he was the most annoying and weirdest one. Running around the house breaking many stuff, suddenly gone when he realized he was in trouble. He'd headbutt us first before sitting next to us, don't know why he always did that. Every time i laid on the floor stretching my hands he'd put his head on my arm and staring at me 'what? do i owe you something? more food?' he was so selfish when it comes to food, he didn't care at all about the others.

He jumped on my laptop with his dirty paw. Suddenly licked my face sometimes 'ewww stupid cat! stop licking my face! are you a dog?'

I knew you'd be the first one who left the house, but i never expected that you left the house that way.

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